Steel beams, custom made to accommodate the structural alteration and extension of this property.

The story

JBcarpentry+ was founded in 2010 by James Brand; a young man, ready and eager to take on the world alone.

A deep desire burned within James to create a building company that delivered outstanding quality to his customers time and time again, a company that would one day change the way people think about the building industry altogether.

For too long, "cowboy builders" have been giving a bad name to the construction industry. From poor quality work, to the risk of being scammed completely, the horror stories are endless. 

James believed in a better world, where a construction company could be respected, trusted and recommended by the community, and so in 2010, JBcarpentry+ was born!

James has huge pride in the work his company completes. He will personally meet with each customer to discuss their exact needs, oversee and even participate in the work and will always be there at the end to check everything is completed to the highest standard achievable. 

We will breakdown the complete cost of every job in a written quote, no hidden charges, to put every customer's mind at ease. 

It is our mission to repair the broken trust associated with the building industry, to create beautiful homes with an unrivalled customer experience and to become the most respected and trusted building company throughout Hertfordshire and north London.