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This project in Stevenage was a full home renovation. The house was recently purchased and a complete transformation was required.

The interior walls on the ground floor were knocked down and rebuilt to make 2 rooms of a more equal size. The kitchen, originally at the front of the property, was removed and a stunning new kitchen was fitted at the rear of the property. In order to successfully install the new kitchen, the rear window of the property had to be raised up to allow for the extra height of the worktop and sink. A new window was ordered and with the old window removed, we rebuilt the exterior wall to leave a smaller space that would fit the new window comfortably. Brand new appliances were fitted throughout, including an integrated dishwasher, new ovens, an induction hob and an extractor hood. This has vastly improved the aesthetics of the property and allowed for a much more practical and visually pleasing kitchen and dining area that is more than twice the size of the original kitchen!

The new, larger space at the front of the property was then converted into a beautiful living area. A wall was erected to block the view of the staircase and to allow extra space for the television to be mounted. We created an opening in the wall underneath the TV to allow for the storage of devices such as DVD players and Sky boxes and to conceal messy cables.

Upstairs, the toilet and bathroom were originally separated by a wall, we dismantled and restructured this wall to make a single and much more practical bathroom. We removed all bathroom furniture and appliances and completely re-designed the bathroom which we finished with beautiful marble effect tiles, a brand new bathtub, a modern but quirky shower with a square shower head and a new sink with a 'waterfall' tap. The finished quality of this bathroom was outstanding and the re-structuring of the walls made a big difference to the practicality of the property.

The bedrooms upstairs were in a pretty good condition, so we stripped all the wallpaper and redecorated. The rest of the property needed a fresh coat of plaster after the restructuring of the interior walls and the replacement of the kitchen, this was completed and the entire house was redecorated from top to bottom.

This property was completely transformed from a dated and worn out house, to a modern, stylish and beautifully cosy home. The before and after pictures below showcase some of the steps that were required to complete this renovation. It took approximately 3 weeks from start to finish and made an enormous difference. Another very happy homeowner!

All works carried out by JB Carpentry Plus LTD.


Renovation Process:

The End Result:

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